Hi.... Im Steven leapley

I Empower YOU to: Cultivate, Create, & Curate Your Best Asset…YOUR Story It needs to be told... Let's write it

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Unheard Valor - Ebook

Unheard Valor, is a comprehensive guide for military veterans on the transformative journey of sharing their stories through writing a book.

Who I Serve:

Elite Military

I help Special Operations Veterans (Navy SEALs, MARSOC, RECON, Army Rangers, etc) to write their books, tell their stories, heal their PTSD, and cultivate deeper community. 

EMS Professionals

I work with ER Docs, Paramedics, and Critical Care RNs to share their journey, grow their businesses, and educate others. 


Developing quality content through blogs, articles, and books that drive visibility and engagement to your business and create influence.


Helping C-suite and other top level executives write books that impact future leaders

We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

My Passion Is to Help draw out YOUR Story, Your Ideas, and to Get Them Seen by Your Ideal Clients & Customers.

About Me

I am the "Jim Carey" of Ghostwriting. My expertise is getting into your head, becoming you on paper, and delivering a quality piece of content that garners visibility & engagement.

I have a unique perspective: 

My journey across 20+ career fields has positioned me with ideal philosophies on: Partnerships – Positions – Platforms

My greatest journeys: Being Dad to eight (8) kids, Full-time RV living, Navigating life-altering traumas, & performing on some of the greatest stages.

My Mission: To Inspire Belief, Build Relationships, & Better the World

My Motto: “When You Love Your Life, You Leave A Legacy”

I started my journey by creating a small copywriting business (Minimalist Marketing) that helped me align my life and my business mindsets. That gift has taught me how to go deep with my clients quickly &authentically.


What Clients Are Saying

"When I think of my experience working with Steven, I think of passion, dedication, patience, leadership, and motivation. Steven has a certain characteristic, which most people strive to achieve. This characteristic is the ability to foster the very best that one has to offer."

Neil Rojas

"Steven has been an indispensable asset to me for the past five years. As my trusted copywriter and copy chief, he's not just a pen for hire; he's a strategic partner in my business. From conceptualizing and editing two of my books to crafting compelling copy that engages and converts, Steven's skill set goes far beyond the written word."

Lori McNeil

"Your attention to detail and meticulous ability to create exactly what is needed is.. nothing short of spectacular."

Dennis Doran

"I'm a huge fan. Steve's commitment he makes to his craft, whether for himself or his clients has been magical to be a part of. His creations are effortless. His ideas are limitless. His concepts are always spot on. He brings true, raw authenticity to every project he's involved with"

Carl Gaetner

Are you ready to tell your story? Level up your content? Position yourself as the expert you are?